Xplore Program: Industry Exploration – High School

High school students get a first look at industries of interest by visiting workplaces and engaging with professionals. 

"We got to dissect a lamb's heart and puncture a lamb's eyeball. It was just really gross but it was cool ... After high school and like 100 years of medical school and college, I would like to be a surgeon."


   CEC Early College


Xplore events are geared to bring excitement, context and understanding about different industries. They help high school students make informed career choices, build professional relationships within their chosen field and prepare for rewarding careers. Some partners we have worked with in the past include Denver Health, Building (BOMA), Microsoft, Xcel Energy, United Airlines and the City of Denver. 

If you are a student interested in participating in an Xplore event, please use the Interest Form to be connected with a Navigator. Please note: Not all high schools offer Xplore events. Contact Diana Casillas Chavez, Xplore Program Manager, for more information. Email Diana Casillas Chavez, Cell: 720-480-1299.

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