Our DPS graduates will take many paths to pursue their dreams, and our schools prepare them for their futures.

Preparing Students for Career and College Success: A Diploma of Possibility

DPS’ vision that Every Child Thrives starts with the belief that all students, from the very first day they walk into a DPS school, can achieve at the highest levels and ultimately cross the graduation stage ready for college, careers and life.

One of the five goals in the district’s strategic plan — the Denver Plan 2020 — is to ensure our students graduate ready for college and career through rigorous coursework and high standards.

DPS sets high expectations in a challenging environment, so students are motivated to achieve more as they progress in their education. We inspire, challenge and empower our students to embrace education as an adventure to explore a variety of paths to exciting destinations, and to forge their own futures.

Together with our community, we are redesigning the high school experience.

Manual High School student in classroom

What does it mean to be ready for career and college?

Students who are ready for career and college understand what will be expected of them when they get to the next step in their career journey, and are prepared academically, socially and emotionally. The measurements we use to track college- and career-readiness look beyond test scores, and evaluate a student’s learning comprehension, character traits and workforce habits.

Students who are ready for college have reached a level of academic skill (competency) and are able to enroll, be successful and graduate from college without the need for remediation classes. DPS offers many services to prepare students for college. 

Career-readiness means students can demonstrate certain workforce skills that will contribute to their success in the workplace. Through career-related learning experiences at DPS, students can apply their intellectual abilities with professional traits and go on to be successful in their adult lives.

In DPS, students are challenged to develop their 21st century skills, which are the fundamental reading, writing and communication abilities students must apply in today’s rapidly-changing world to be successful in the workforce.

8th Annual AP District Honor Roll Recipient