Xplore Industry Exploration

High school students get a first look at industries of interest by visiting workplaces and engaging with professionals. 

"We got to dissect a lamb's heart and puncture a lamb's eyeball. It was just really gross but it was cool ... After high school and like 100 years of medical school and college, I would like to be a surgeon."

CEC Early College


The Xplore Industry Exploration Program provides a critical real-world exposure to companies in each student’s field of study or CareerConnect pathway. DPS students — most in ninth grade — learn about careers available within a particular industry and observe the work performed by people in those careers. They also learn about post-high school educational paths to the careers they observe.

Xplore Industry Exploration is offered at these high schools in 2019-20

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What are my options if my school isn't participating in Xplore?

We’re happy to work with your school to support an Xplore event or work with a neighboring school to include your student. Email us!

Are there any costs to participate in Xplore?

No, CareerConnect provides transportation and supports with any other expenses.

Where do I get more information if my workplace wants to host an Xplore event for students?

We’re excited to hear from you! Please stop by our Partners page or send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.