What is DPS CareerConnect?

Hands-on classes.

Connections with industry leaders.

Limitless college and career opportunities.

This is learning made real.

CareerConnect gives DPS students early exposure to thousands of career options as they learn more about their own passions and interests.

Students take the skills they’ve learned in the classroom and apply them on the job through shadowing, internships and apprenticeships. Our goal is to help students identify their passions, explore what they love doing and consider making a career out of it.

See what students are saying about CareerConnect.


“I was like, Oh my gosh, I have my first real job!”

— Tway, Abraham Lincoln High School


“I have never been more challenged.”

— Alondra, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College


“I learned I love trying different things.”

— Jordyn, CEC Early College


“Now I know I’m meant to help other people.”

— Aaliyah, Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design

CareerConnect offers nine career fields to explore.

Feel free to try two or three … and did we mention it’s free for families?

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Careers in business, finance, marketing and entrepeneurship.

Careers include design, photography and the performing arts.

Careers in education, from ECE to high school, including school counseling.

Careers include civil, mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Careers in travel, hotels and the culinary arts.

Careers in advanced manufacturing, auto mechanics, construction and welding.

Careers in healthcare, sports medicine and the biosciences.

Careers in law, public safety, corrections and security.

Careers in software engineering, robotics, IT support and web design.

CareerConnect includes a pathway for students with unique needs

ACEConnect supports students with disabilities, English learners, those in foster care, teen parents and more.

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CareerConnect starts in the classroom and leads to real-life work experience.

You decide how far you go, even up to three-year paid apprenticeships. 

Traits of a Young Professional

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Professional Skills

Task/Time Management
Career Awareness
Information Literacy
Use of Information Technologies
Self Advocacy

Personal Skills

Personal Responsibility

Interpersonal Skills

Global/Cultural Awareness
Civic Engagement

Entrepreneurial Skills

Critical Thinking/Analysis
Risk Taking

CareerConnect is available in schools across Denver.

We’ll work with you to support your particular interests.

Prefer a list view? Click here for high schools and here for K-8 opportunities.

Common questions about how CareerConnect works.

Seem like a lot of figure out? Reach out and we’ll walk you through it.

Email us with your specific questions.

Who is eligible for CareerConnect?

Any student enrolled in Denver Public Schools can participate in CareerConnect, with opportunities varying by grade level.

I'm interested. How do I get started?

Great! Your school probably has a CareerConnect staff member, sometimes called a Pathway Director — ask at the front office if you’re not sure who that is. But we’re also happy to help (we know how busy our schools are!). Email us and we’ll get right back to you.

What if I'm not sure what career I want to explore?

Then you’re in the right place! We’re all about exploring to see what really interests you. Some students have an idea and some don’t, and that’s ok. We’ve had students move among three or four — or more — career options as they figure out what’s right for them. We encourage you to look at the different options and start with one; if it doesn’t feel right, you can try another. You’re never required to stick with a career option if you don’t want to.

What are the costs?

There are no costs with CareerConnect for students or families.

What if my school doesn't have a CareerConnect program?

Contact us and we’ll work with you to explore your options.

Is CareerConnect just for high school students?

No, although our programs are largest in high school. Learn more on our CareerConnect for Elementary and Middle School Students page.

But I want to go to college; is CareerConnect for me?

Yes! In fact, students who participate in CareerConnect are more likely to go to college than those who don’t. A big part of CareerConnect in high school is the opportunity for students to learn more about different careers by taking introductory and then advanced-level classes, including college-level classes.

In our apprenticeship program, for example, students can earn a two-year college degree while they’re learning on the job. And they can even get industry certifications that make it easier to go right into a professional workplace.