Chat Career Conversations – High School

Students interact with professionals to learn about work and solve real-life industry challenges.


The Chat program highlights the career journey’s of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ professionals from across the nation. These career conversations are led by a DPS Apprentice and aim to help students learn how to navigate high school, college, starting a business, or even shifting careers. These career conversations are held virtually in various classrooms throughout the district.

If you are interested in learning more about the Chat program, please contact Cornelius Bankston at 


Is the Chat Program offered in all high schols?

Yes! Chat is new in 2019-20 and is being offered in any and all high schools.

Interested in participating in the Chat Program or seeing it offered at your school? Please reach out to your school or contact us and let us know!

Are there any costs if my student participates in the Chat Program?

No, CareerConnect covers any expenses for students and families.

Where do I get more information if my workplace wants to participate in the Chat Program?

We’re excited to hear from you! Please stop by our Partners page or send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.