Introduce your elementary and middle school students to the world of work with the Spark Early Career Exploration Program!

The DPS Spark Early Career Exploration Program partners with Denver Metro area businesses and organizations to expose middle and elementary school students to professional work environments and inspire students to pursue high-demand, high-wage careers they may never have considered prior to participating.

In addition to these events, the Spark program also has an abundant library of online career exploration resources including lessons and activities that can be used in the classroom.

Spark Program Objectives

Through postsecondary readiness and academic engagement, Spark is intentionally designed to:


  • Improve knowledge of Career Pathways

Spark aims to impact students’ future aspirations and career choices by helping them make connections between academic content, career fields and understand industry requirements.

  • Develop Workplace Skills

Spark allows students to interact with Industry Professionals and be exposed to meaningful work & diverse environments. Early career exposure will help students in recognizing real-world applications of soft and technical skills.

  • Inform School Choice

Participation in the Spark Program will excite families about high school academic and career options. Students will be able to discover school & work based programs and be motivated to enroll in career pathway programs.


Are there any costs if my student participates in Spark?

No, the Career and College Success department helps to provide transportation and support with any other expenses.

Are there other Career and Technical Education programs for middle school students?

Yes, please visit our Career and Technical Education page for more information about our programs for younger students.

Where do I get more information about Spark and if my workplace wants to host a Spark event for students?

We’re excited to hear from you! If you are interested in learning more about the Spark program, please contact Sondra Osif at

What DPS Schools offer Spark?

Spark Early Career Exploration Program can be found at these DPS Middle Schools:

  • Bryant Webster
  • DC 21
  • Florida Pitt-Waller
  • Grant Beacon
  • Hamilton
  • Kepner Beacon
  • Lake MS
  • McAuliffe @ Manual
  • Merrill
  • MLK
  • Montbello
  • Morrey
  • Place Bridge
  • Summit
  • West


If you have any questions about Spark in Denver Public Schools, please contact Sandra Osif at