Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP)

Teacher helps a Merrill Middle School student with their ICAP

Help your child create and maintain their ICAP — their plan for the future!

In DPS, we connect families with supports and programming in an inspiring way — throughout their school experience —  to ensure they graduate college and career ready. One of the most helpful tools students have to prepare for college and career is the Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP), a process that starts as early as sixth grade.

What's an ICAP?

ICAP is a personalized career and academic planning tool that evaluates all aspects of a student’s path to college and career, including: goal setting, college opportunities, academic planning, financial literacy/financial aid and 21st century skills. ICAP completion is linked to several success factors, including increases in ACT/SAT scores, AP pass rate, attendance, GPA, FAFSA completion and scholarship applications.

Ensure that your student maintains a complete and meaningful ICAP!  Students create and update an ongoing plan with the support of adults. The process can start as early as sixth grade through counselor and/or teacher-led activities.

Individual Career and Academic Plan

Studies show students who complete an ICAP have a better chance of graduating on time, and an increased likelihood for college enrollment and degree completion.

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Merrill Middle School counselor talks with a student
Merrill Middle School students smile with books in the library