Individual Career and Academic Plans

DPS requires all students to graduate having a plan for after high school that is meaningful to them. Students will continue to work with their counselors, teachers and families to develop, update and complete their personalized Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAPs), a process which starts as early as the sixth grade. 

Through this personalized career and academic planning process, students are empowered to learn about themselves and evaluate their path to career and college including setting and marking progress towards goals, exploration career and college options, planning towards high school graduation, and learning about financial literacy and financial aid opportunities. This ongoing development creates a personalized roadmap for students, so they are able to explore possibilities and achieve milestones towards their career and college aspirations. At the end of their senior year, students will turn in the completed plan to fulfill the ICAP requirement. 

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Teacher helps a Merrill Middle School student with their ICAP