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EdConnect is an early investment in our future educator workforce that will serve as a pipeline to diversify Denver’s teachers. EdConnect will show students a wide range of experiences that can lead them into the world of education. Students may have opportunities to earn postsecondary credits and to engage in work-based learning experiences in the education field.

Sample Classes with EdConnect

This course provides an introduction to the profession of early childhood education or ECE. Students will learn eight key areas of professional knowledge related to working with young children and their families in early care and education settings:

  • child growth and development
  • health, nutrition and safety
  • developmentally appropriate practices
  • guidance
  • family and community relationships
  • diversity and inclusion
  • professionalism
  • administration and supervision

This course addresses children ages birth through 8 years.

This course explores guidance theories, applications, goals and techniques, as well as factors that influence behavioral expectations of children. Students will learn classroom management and pro-social skills development of young children in early childhood program settings.

This course addresses children ages birth through 8 years.

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In this course, students will acquire and enhance critical thinking skills through a social justice lens by analyzing a historical perspective of people of color and cultural/ethnic diversity.  Students will learn to self-advocate, to advocate for others and to empower as a means to initiate and create change.

This class will build upon students’ cultural, community, academic and personal strengths to encourage and develop leadership and activism, with an emphasis on becoming an educator and leader of change, critical pedagogy and social justice.

Each course is focused on education with a social justice and equity lens. Students will be exposed to introductory-level courses in socially just education, special education and linguistically diverse education.

The three courses should easily transfer into undergraduate teacher preparation programs around the country since most programs require similar courses to prepare teachers to meet the needs of students with varying learning needs.

All courses have been approved through the University of Colorado Denver.

Note: CareerConnect classes may vary by school.

Examples of Education Careers

Occupation Education Level Median Annual Earnings
Teaching Assistant High School Diploma, Certificate $26,260
Childcare Worker High School Diploma, Certificate $22,290
Preschool Teacher Associate’s Degree $28,990
Elementary School Special Education Teachers Bachelor’s Degree $61,690
High School Teacher Bachelor’s Degree $59,170
School Counselor Advanced Degree $55,410

Source: Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

EdConnect is offered at these high schools in 2019-20