Prepare for a successful career in marketing, finance or business management.

"Take BusinessConnect, you can apply it in all kinds of way ... What excites me the most is the future. Owning my own business seems like me, to be an entrepreneur ... Success is the only way for me."

George Washington High School


BusinessConnect prepares graduates to become tomorrow’s business leaders. Courses may include introduction to business, web page design, finance, marketing and entrepreneurship. Students may have the opportunity to receive college credit and industry recognized certifications.

Sample Classes with BusinessConnect

This course introduces accounting systems and procedures that are applied to accounting records kept for businesses that operate in a private enterprise economy. Experiences are provided in analyzing business transactions, preparing financial statements and relating their applications to personal and business use.

A project-based business course that develops understanding and skills in business law, economics, financial analysis, human resources management, information management, marketing, operations and strategic management.

Marketing education focuses on the foundations of marketing, selling and economic foundations. Employability skills, interpersonal skills and life skills are also emphasized. Career opportunities in marketing are explored.

This course takes an in-depth look at social networks, social media platforms and online advertising to offer students an advantage in many positions involving marketing, consulting and brand management both on the buyer and seller side of social media. Students with an interest in entrepreneurship will also find the course useful as new businesses often rely on social media marketing.

This course emphasizes training in a variety of business and education-related software, including spreadsheets, database, presentation and desktop publishing. Students will conduct online technical research to complete several tasks and will analyze and evaluate the value of the online research. The course focuses on correct formatting of business documents, document design and communication skills.

Note: CareerConnect classes may vary by school.

Examples of Business Careers

Occupation Education Level Median Annual Earnings
Bank Teller High School Diploma, Certificate  $27,370
Administrative Assistant Associate’s Degree  $35,860
Real Estate Appraiser Associate’s Degree  $60,030
Accountant Bachelor’s Degree  $74,030
Human Resources Manager Bachelor’s Degree  $133,740
Marketing Manager Bachelor’s Degree  $141,190
Financial Analyst Advanced Degree  $76,950

Source: Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

BusinessConnect is offered at these high schools in 2019-20